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Zhang Taolin: Vigorously promote the green development of pesticides, help the high-quality transformation and upgrading of agriculture
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-22 | 1486 Views | Share:
The 40-year Symposium on Pesticide Development and the Green Pesticides Development Symposium was held in Beijing. Zhang Taolin, Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Areas attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He stressed that in accordance with the requirements of supply-side structural reform, agricultural green development and rural revitalization strategy, we should aim at the targets of pesticides to adjust structure, improve quality, and ensure safety, adhere to problem-oriented, strengths and weaknesses, fill shortcomings, and strengthen technological innovation. Management innovation and mechanism innovation, and embarked on a road of innovation and development of modern pesticides with Chinese characteristics.

Zhang Taolin pointed out that after 40 years of development, China's pesticides have achieved gratifying results. The pesticide regulation system and supervision system have been basically established. The pesticide industry has been weak to strong. The pesticide science and technology innovation has made important breakthroughs. The pesticides have achieved remarkable results in foreign exchange and cooperation. It has become the world's largest producer and exporter.

Zhang Taolin emphasized that the green development of agriculture is a profound revolution in agricultural development and the main direction of structural reform of the supply side of agriculture. Pesticides are important production materials, and the green development of agriculture is inseparable from the green development of pesticides. Promote the green development of pesticides, continuously improve the scientific development level of pesticides, adhere to the path of green development, accelerate the development of low-toxic and low-risk pesticides, and eliminate the process of high-toxicity and high-risk pesticides, vigorously promote green production processes, and carry out pesticide packaging wastes according to regulations. Recycling and treatment; we must adhere to the road of high-quality development, scientifically plan production layout, reduce product homogenization competition, and eliminate backward production capacity; we must adhere to the road of scientific and technological innovation, accelerate the development of alternative new drugs, integrated pest control and overall solutions, Strengthen the integration of pesticide use technology, the popularization of safe drug knowledge and farmers' technical skills training, and promote the reduction and increase of pesticides; adhere to the road of open cooperation, strengthen international cooperation and exchange, and focus on countries along the “Belt and Road” to promote pesticides. The fruits of innovation and development benefit the people of all countries.