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Organic agricultural product construction archives
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-22 | 1147 Views | Share:
Organic non-organic? The file can be clearly stated!
——Xixiu District of Anshun City takes the lead in establishing traceable files of organic products in Guizhou Province

Vegetable and melon pesticide residues, food additives exceeded the standard, eaters are afraid? Don't panic, hurry up and eat bowls of rice! If you have a meal and eat a health problem, come on, why not? I want to be better with myself and my family, and spend more money on organic food, but organic and non-organic, business, consumers who can not tell, trouble! Who will protect the health of the table? Don't worry about the consumers in Xixiu District, don't even need to find this “medicine god” and the “medicine god” to seek medical advice and seek peace of mind. In the future, you only need to open the mobile phone to scan the QR code or barcode, and you can Inquire about the video, parameters, records and other archives of the “full life cycle” of organic product production, processing, circulation and consumption, and choose “safe food” and “safe meat”, you can rest assured that you can enjoy it. Great! You still don't believe that in the recent implementation of the "Implementation Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Organic Industry" in Xixiu District of Anshun City, it is clear that by 2020, the plant production area of organic products in the whole region will be more than 150,000 mu, and animal husbandry 5 More than 10,000 mu of aquaculture (only). Eat enough, delicious? More than 700,000 people in Xixiu District are happy! Who is the organic, non-organic, healthy and unhealthy? Organic product traceable files will keep you safe and healthy for your "taste on the tip of your tongue".

A few days ago, the author learned from relevant departments that in order to vigorously implement food safety and people's livelihood projects, further strengthen the mountainous organic industry, and promote the development of organic agricultural products, the Xixiu District will establish traceable files of organic products as the quality and safety of edible agricultural products. And an important task to increase the added value of agricultural products under the high cost constraints of mountain agriculture should be arranged and promoted. Through the implementation of the organic product breeding management file system, we will speed up the establishment of the connection mechanism between the production management and market access management with the quality of organic products as the core content, and realize the quality and safety traceability of edible agricultural products from farm to table. Ensuring that the organic products purchased by the public from the formal channels are certified and traceable, and escort the safety and health of the “rice basket”, “rice bag” and “fruit plate” of the citizens of the whole district.