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The 15th China (Wuhan) Agricultural Fair opened grandly
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-21 | 1445 Views | Share:
The 15th China Wuhan Agricultural Fair was grandly opened at the Wuhan Guobo Center. More than 4,000 companies from home and abroad, provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have brought tens of thousands of fresh and exotic agricultural and sideline products, as well as cutting-edge green agricultural technology, and opened the "new year mode" in advance to give the public a feast at the end of the year. The Agricultural Fair was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural China and the People's Government of Hubei Province, and was hosted by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government and the Hubei Provincial Department of Agriculture.

In the Xiaogan exhibition area of the Wuhan Agricultural Fair, a black-water chicken swimming in the water has attracted the attention of many citizens. The on-site staff introduced, “We are a breed of artificial domestication. It is a rare wild animal breed, it tastes delicious, it is very delicious whether it is burnt or soup. It is also a medicinal material for the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, rheumatism. Sexual diseases and dementia have a good effect. According to reports, at present, Xiaogan has a blackwater chicken breeding area of nearly 500 acres.

According to observations, in addition to these new exotic agricultural products, Jingzhou Fish Cake, Huanggang Yunwu Tea, Yichang Yiling Citrus, Enshi Yulu Tea, Suizhou Mushroom Fungus, Shennongjia Ecological Wine, Xiantao Maozui Chicken, Xiaogan Ma Sugar rice wine, Hanjia Liu's tea and other special agricultural products in Jingchu have also appeared. They are not only delicious, but also novel in form, and they were rushed to buy by the public on the opening day.

Liu Taijun, general manager of the Han family, said that they also brought the unique organic black tea in China to the Agricultural Fair: “This product is organic black tea, which is fermented for 8 to 12 months and has a long cycle. There are 28 processes in the middle. Therefore, any pollution in this process is not organic. Our product has obtained 463 inspection standards from the European Union and 284 inspection standards from Russia, all of which are qualified."

In addition, hundreds of goldfish in Fuzhou, the capital of China's goldfish, also "swim" to the current agricultural fair. Xinjiang Rock Sugar Tianji Chicken, Aksu Apple, French Red Wine, Italian Olive Oil, Australian Steak, Argentine Red Shrimp, Vietnamese Saigon Coffee, Taiwan Pineapple, Sri Lankan Black Tea and other special agricultural products from all over the world have also gathered at the Expo. Get out of the market and feel the world.

The Qing government of South Korea also organized a group to bring local specialties to the site of the Agricultural Fair. Liu Yuyan, head of the Qingzhou Pavilion in South Korea, said: "The purpose of this visit to the Agricultural Fair is to bring these excellent Korean foods to China and let Chinese consumers taste it. Because we are a sister city in Cheongju and Wuhan, promote it. Mutual economic development."