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A healthy and green organic food industry exhibition event opens in Beijing
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-21 | 1127 Views | Share:
With the economic development and the upgrading of national consumption, the potential of the big health industry will be further released. In order to better implement the "Healthy China 2030" Planning Outline, and firmly grasp the "13th Five-Year Plan" green development strategy, the 2018 Beijing International Health Industry and Organic Green Food Expo, which is highly anticipated by the industry, will be held in November 2018. On the 16th, the Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Jing'an Zhuang Museum) was grandly opened, and the 2018 Beijing International Nutrition Health Exhibition and the 2018 Beijing International Organic Green Food Exhibition were held. The exhibition is dedicated to integrating superior resources, extending the entire industry chain, connecting high-quality suppliers and buyers, creating a high-quality exhibition platform, and promoting the comprehensive and rapid development of the big health industry and the green organic food industry. Green Organic Food Industry Exhibition

Highlight 1: Industry authorities gather to build a healthy and green bridge. The Expo is jointly organized by Haiming International Exhibition Group and the Institute of Bees of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the National Quality Bee Products Technology Innovation Alliance, China Green Food Association Market Circulation Committee, China. Organized by the Grain and Oil Society Grain and Oil Nutrition Branch, China Eco-Agriculture Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance, Beijing Health Products and Cosmetics Association, and China-foreign high-end edible oil alliance, Beijing Zhongbo Xinzhan Culture Media Co., Ltd. The organizing committee is honored to invite the guests of the organizers to attend the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon for the conference to jointly promote the vigorous development of the big health industry, especially the health food industry and the green organic food industry. The exhibition opened the Nutrition Health Museum and the Organic Green Food Museum. The exhibits included functional health products, organic green foods, nutritional nourishing products, high-end edible oils, and TCM health products. It has attracted more than 400 well-known enterprises and brand service organizations from more than 20 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. There are also many pavilions such as Hunan Pavilion, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County Pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion, National Quality Bee Products Technology Innovation Alliance, etc., which also brought local leading enterprises and featured products to the Expo, adding new to this exhibition. The color. Green Organic Food Industry Exhibition

Highlight 2: Join forces and deepen the industry, focus on the refined sector to create the exhibition organizers through the joint key institutions to create a special exhibition area for the refined sector, attracting many leading enterprises to participate in the exhibition, has become an exhibition A highlight. The bee products segment and the high-end edible oil segment of this conference have been quite large. The bee products segment was attracted by the National Quality Bee Product Technology Innovation Alliance, such as Beijing Zhongmi Technology Development Co., Ltd., Liangdang Huanyu Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Huaguyuan Bee Industry Co., Ltd., Beijing Tongrentang Bee Industry Co., Ltd. and many other leading bee products companies have settled in, so that everyone can better understand the current development of bee products and the future of bee products. In addition, the high-end edible oil plate has attracted many leading enterprises and authoritative organizations such as Hulunbeier Agricultural Reclamation Group, Shanxi Lu'an Group, Beijing Tongrentang, Heze Peony Industrialization Office, Fangcheng Hong Kong, Macao Food and Oil Industry Co., Ltd., etc. Discuss the future development direction of the high-end edible oil industry. Green Organic Food Industry Exhibition

Green Organic Food Industry Exhibition Highlights 3: Large coffee gatherings, multiple industry summit forums and events held concurrently, highlighting the exhibition influence. The Expo will also hold a number of industry authoritative forums, corporate promotion conferences, companies and buyers to accurately negotiate the matchmaking meeting. Excellent enterprise selection and other supporting activities. In the industry forum, the conference will hold the launching ceremony of the "2018 China Bee Products Industry Development Forum and National Nutrition Science Week Activities", "2018 High-end Edible Oil Industry Development Forum", "Ecological Agricultural Products Group Standards" and the first batch of recommended enterprises. Activities such as exchange meetings will be more comprehensive in explaining the authoritative knowledge of the industry and future development trends.