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Hebei will create 52 provincial-level specialty agricultural products superiority zones this year.
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-21 | 1164 Views | Share:
On November 13, it was learned from the press conference of the establishment of the province's characteristic agricultural products superiority zone held by the Hebei Provincial Government Information Office today that Hebei Province will create 52 provincial-level and above-mentioned specialty agricultural product superiority zones. Currently, there are 81 counties and 96 counties. In the industrial declaration, the relevant departments are organizing personnel to review the application materials, and will organize experts to conduct evaluation and identification in the near future.

The characteristic agricultural product advantage zone (referred to as “excellent zone”) refers to agricultural products with resource endowments and comparative advantages, excellent output quality and distinctive characteristics. It has a good industrial base and a relatively perfect industrial chain, and has a strong ability to increase farmers’ income. Agricultural product industry gathering area. In combination with the criteria for the identification of China's premium areas, in December 2017, the former Ministry of Agriculture, the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, and the Provincial Forestry Department jointly issued the “Opinions on the Establishment of Advantageous Agricultural Products Advantage Zones”, the criteria for the recognition of provincial-level premium zones. From the eight aspects of resource endowment, industrial development, science and technology support, quality control, brand building, interest mechanism, green development and management support, 47 indicators were detailed.

According to the relevant person in charge of the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Hebei Province, the products that participate in the creation of the Premium Zone must have “features” and “advantages”. The agricultural products that have obtained the registration of geographical indications of agricultural products, the protection of geographical indication products or the registration of geographical certification trademarks are the signs that Z can embody the characteristics. The creation of special areas should take the lead in starting from the public brand agricultural products in these areas. According to incomplete statistics, at least 123 specialty agricultural products in the province have obtained regional public brands.

The management of provincial-level premium areas is jointly undertaken by the Agricultural and Rural Affairs Department of Hebei Province, the Provincial Forestry and Grassland Bureau, and the Provincial Development and Reform Commission. In accordance with the procedures established after the creation, the Premium Zone has awarded the title of "Hebei Province's Characteristic Agricultural Products Advantage Zone" by establishing the recognition criteria on the basis of the creation conditions. In principle, it is created by the county-level administrative district as a unit, and county and county associations are also encouraged. The provincial-level premium area is recognized once a year and is determined by the local government's voluntary declaration, district-city recommendation, and provincial-level review.

According to the arrangement, by 2020, the province will build 100 provincial-level premium areas with distinctive features, advantageous clusters, industrial integration and strong competitiveness. The basic chain of production, processing, circulation and sales of featured agricultural products in the region is complete, and the integrated development of standardized production, production, sales and marketing is high, and the supply capacity of green high-quality and high-end specialty agricultural products is obviously improved, and a number of economic benefits and strong driving ability are cultivated. The new type of agricultural management has formed a group of local leading brands in Hebei, the first-class in the world, and the world famous local brands. It has promoted the province's agricultural characteristic industries to become bigger and stronger, enhanced the agricultural development stamina and rural development capacity, and provided industrial support for the comprehensive rural revitalization strategy. .

The provincial-level premium zone implements a dynamic management and management mechanism that can enter and exit. The Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the relevant departments will review the provincial-level premium areas every two years. For the special area that is not up to the standard, the title will be revoked and the card will be delisted, and the media will be announced. After the delisting, the business entity in the area may not use the title again. The non-agriculturalization of characteristic leading industries is serious, the use of distinctive brands is chaotic, and provincial-level premium areas that seriously infringe on farmers' interests, major production safety and quality safety incidents are directly cancelled and delisted. The provincial-level premium area that has been revoked may not be declared again within 3 years.