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China's most gourmet brand potato
Source: | Author:hblingfeng | Published time: 2018-11-22 | 1070 Views | Share:
On September 20th, the first “Chinese Farmers Harvest Festival” series of activities was held in Beijing Xinfadi International Agricultural Products Exhibition Center. Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Qu Dongyu attended the event and delivered a speech.

Qu Dongyu pointed out that on the occasion of the first "China Farmers Harvest Festival", this event was held to provide a platform for promoting the brand products, displaying brand charm and realizing brand value for potato and its processed products, and promoting the potato industry in the new era. The development is of great significance. As the fourth major staple crop in China after wheat, rice and corn, the small potato has swayed the taste buds of consumers and brought us a beautiful vision. It also plays a major role in the staple food. To become a big industry, the potato will ultimately depend on the big market. Industries without markets are unsustainable, and markets without consumer segments are also unsustainable. People often say that "radish cabbage has their own love", may also say that potato cabbage has their own love. Like cabbage and radish, potatoes are popular with the people and carry a profound history and culture. They can promote and integrate each other in the food culture.

Qu Dongyu emphasized that the potato industry should be bigger and stronger, and brand development should be carried out to create regional brands, corporate brands and product brands, and turn the biological and resource advantages of potatoes into production advantages, and finally become brand advantages and cultural advantages. At the same time, it is necessary to standardize production and refined processing in order to make the industry go better, go further and become more sustainable, and ultimately serve the rural revitalization strategy, serving the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and benefiting the vast number of urban and rural consumers.

Zhang Yuxiang, president of the China Agricultural Products Market Association, attended the event and delivered a speech. At the event site, Beijing Xinfadi Agricultural Products Co., Ltd. also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the counties.